Crucial Bedbug Facts. Dos And Don'ts for Dealing with Bedbug Infestations!

By Truly Pest Solution PVT. LTD.

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Dos and Don'ts for Dealing with Bedbug Infestations!

It is quite possible to become infested with bedbugs anywhere; they are not just found in beds. Every area where we stay the most has a probability of having bedbug infestations. Sometimes, it's difficult to tell if a bite mark is from bedbugs or another insect, such as ants or mosquitoes. A methodical and technical assessment is needed for confirmation. Bedbug issues are one of the most serious Pest Problem today.


Basic Description of Bedbug

Before feeding, bedbugs have an oval shape, are very little, and are brownish in colour. It is a parasite bug that only consumes the blood of people or other animals while they are dozing off or taking a break. The bugs turn a vivid crimson colour shortly after eating. When bedbugs age, their lighter coloration changes to brown. Bed bugs are often fairly tough. At night, it primarily comes to life. Despite the fact that they usually consume blood every five to ten days as they develop from one stage to another. They have the capacity to go for several months without food.


General Activity & Behaviour

In contrast to ants and bees, bed bugs do not build nests; instead, they prefer to assemble in groups. Immature bed bugs can completely mature in as little as one month under the right circumstances, and they can lay three or more generations of eggs each year.

They can sprint well and will go up to 15 feet for a blood meal, but they cannot jump or fly. They may readily migrate between neighbouring rooms or units through wall voids and utility chases and are most active at night.


Do`s and Dont`s

Bedbugs are highly upsetting insects that are very difficult to eradicate. We can prevent the invasion if we can only be a little bit aware of it.

  • If feasible, allow natural light and air into your rooms.
  • Wash your bedcovers, pillowcases, cartoons, and other items in hot water (over 52°C) on a regular basis.
  • If it's feasible, ask your maid (servant) to change into a fresh outfit each day before commencing work at your house.
  • At least once a month, check your child's backpack, books, and uniform because school may be a source of bedbug cross-infestation.
  • Exercise caution when you are traveling. Air, train, hotel, and restaurant may bring bedbugs with you.
  • Playground galleries and theatres are other possible sources of a Bedbug Invasion.
  • If you use a rented car, you need to be significantly more cautious about bedbugs.

If Infestation Has Begun !!!!

Once a bedbug infestation has begun, it is exceedingly challenging to eradicate it. To escape the irritations, we behave quite irrationally. We begin doing plenty of things that we shouldn't be doing. We begin applying chemicals, which might be harmful to you.

Therefore, before utilizing certain items, please be aware of them thoroughly. For your family, the improper chemicals might pose a major risk. Your children could find the fragrance upsetting.

We always advise speaking with a reputable Pest Management Company that will do the job while taking your health into consideration. Some pest control companies are capable of doing the job using solely natural solutions. Your health will not be impacted by that product. They promise an entirely odourless service.